Glow In The Dark Stars - 400 5-Pointed Self Adhesive Stars!

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  • ★ 5 POINTED STAR!! Our customers have been asking us for a 5 pointed,3D, Domed Star!
  • ★ EACH SET HAS 400, 5 Pointed Stars - This set of stars are all green in color.
  • ★ STAR SIZES - Each set includes (32) 1/2" Stars, (180) 7/16" Stars and (210) 1/4" Stars.
  • ★ SELF ADHESIVE STARS! - No need for tape or putty like other stars! Each star has a self adhesive backing, making applying them so easy!
  • ★ 3D VIEWING! - Because the stars are "domed" in shape, it gives a much more pleasing appearance than the traditional "flat" stickers.


Product Description:

Finally! A 5 pointed star for all of our customers who have been asking for a 5 pointed, 3 dimensional star!

Each set comes with 400, GREEN stars: 

  • (32) 1/2" Stars
  • (180) 7/16" Stars
  • (210) 1/4" Stars
These stars are self adhesive and do not require any tape or putty to apply them like other plastic stars. Please read the package insert included with the stars for proper installation for a wonderful experience!



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